Disposable Cold Drink Cups

Cold drink cups differ primarily in terms of board weight and the PE coating.

We stock a full range of disposable paper cups in sizes from 7–22oz, suitable for a wide range of cold drinks including Coca Cola, Pepsi, and slushies.

New in stock, our Cool and Fresh cold drink cups are great for parties and celebrations. These are a bright mix of compostable paper cups for cold drinks. You can also treat your guests with our plastic wine glasses, plastic champagne flutes, and plastic cocktail glasses.

Avoid condensation

Cold drinks can cause condensation on the outside of cups. This is because when water vapour in the air comes into contact with something cool, its molecules get closer together. When this happens, the vapour turns back into liquid water droplets.

Our soft drink cups are double PE coated (inside and out) to maintain the cup integrity.