Reusable Plastic Jugs

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    Reusable plastic jugs and pitchers can be used for water, milk, soft drinks and alcohol such as beer and lager.

    Our reusable jugs are made from polycarbonate plastic and designed to withstand heavy use in all environments. All jugs have been tested in excess of 500 glass washer cycles.

    Browse 2 pint, 3 pint and 4 pint sizes.

    How to clean your plastic jug

    1. Rinse the jug with clean hot water to remove any residue inside.
    2. Fill the jug with a quarter or a half of hot, soapy water and add 1 cup of white vinegar.
    3. Move the bottle around to swish the solution inside of the jug.
    4. Empty the jug and rinse several times with warm water to wash away the soap and make sure that the water from the jug runs clean.
    5. Place the jug upside down on a clean towel to drain any water and moisture.

    Approved for commercial use

    Be confident with your purchase and use jugs approved for commercial use. Jugs are CE-stamped where applicable.

    6 products
    ELITE In2stax 2-Pint Jug & Lid


    Excl. tax £3.75

    ELITE In2stax 4-Pint Jug


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    ELITE 2-Pint Polycarbonate Jugs
    ELITE 2-Pint Polycarbonate Jugs


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    ELITE 4-Pint Polycarbonate Pitchers
    ELITE 4-Pint Polycarbonate Jugs


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    ELITE 1.7L (3 pint) Tall Cocktail Pitcher
    ELITE 3-Pint Tall Jugs With Lid


    Excl. tax £6.00

    ELITE 3 Part Cocktail Shaker


    Excl. tax £4.45