Paper Bags

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    Browse a range of paper carrier bags for next day delivery today.

    These plain brown paper carrier bags are commonly used by food businesses, grocers, and for packing gifts.

    Each bag features a strong handle, able to hold a delivery without tearing. A rectangular base also allows the bag to stand upright.

    Browse small, medium, and large size carrier bags at Inn Supplies.

    Eco-friendly carrier bags

    Made entirely from recycled paper, paper bags can help reduce your carbon footprint.

    Our paper carrier bags are fully recyclable with normal paper waste. They can also be composted commercially where accepted.

    3 products
    Large Kraft Paper Carrier Bags
    Small Paper Bags
    Paper Carrier Bags
    Small Kraft Paper Carrier Bags
    Medium Paper Bags
    Paper Carrier Bags
    Medium Kraft Paper Carrier Bags