Takeaway Food Packaging

Bagasse Clamshell boxes

Eco-friendly Bagasse food boxes for Takeaways and Street Food, including burger boxes, fish & chips, lunch boxes and food to go containers
Biodegradable Cutlery

Eco-friendly plant based cutlery

100% Plastic free!
100% Biodegradable

Bagasse sauce pots

2oz and 4oz eco-friendly pots & lids for dips and curry sauce

The UK's leading catering supplier to Food Service

Takeaways, 'Deli', Food & Drinks to go, mobile food stands, Events & Festivals, Restaurants & Cafes offering a food delivery service
Grease resistant

Noodle boxes & leak-proof takeaway containers

Recyclable, stackable, and microwave safe!

Eco-friendly packaging

Cut your business carbon footprint with our green range
Bagasse clamshell

Fish & Chips Box

324 x 255 x 75mm Biodegradable & Compostable, Grease-proof and Stackable

Kraft French Fry Scoop

100% Biodegradable & Recyclable. Plastic FREE.

Plastic FREE Ripple Cups

100% recyclable & biodegradable 8oz, 12oz & 16oz


CE marked Pints & Half-Pint Tumblers in all popular sizes 10oz, 12oz, 20oz, 22oz & 2 Pints (40oz)!

Catering products at competitive prices

Inn Supplies (UK) Ltd has decades of experience in the catering supplies industry.

From humble beginnings, we have built our online presence to become a leading store for catering disposable supplies, supplying businesses across the UK.

We take pride in our unparalleled quality of service and high quality products to suit any business and occasion. Working closely with manufacturers, we remain highly competitive and unbeatable on prices. From paper cups and plastic cups, takeaway boxes to banquet rolls – we are quite certain we have everything you need.