Reusable Plastic Bowls

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    Our Reusable and recyclable serving bowls are multi-purpose and suitable for use in kitchens, catering, and food displays such as buffet areas in restaurant, pubs and cafes. Perfect for indoor and outdoor catering events.

    Made from shatterproof polycarbonate plastic, bowls are tough enough to minimise breakages, keeping dining environment safe for staff and customers.

    Serving bowls

    Serving bowls are commonly used in small and large catering events, including restaurants and pubs. These bowls are suited for use with fruits, salads, crisps, snacks and other sides. Browse 62oz - 1.75ml and 82oz - 2.3L serving bowls online.

    Plastic prep bowls

    Prep bowls are a must-have for any kitchen. These bowls come in a range of sizes and can be used for mixing spices and marinades, serving sauces and displaying food.

    6 products
    ELITE 3-Pint Salad Bowls
    ELITE 62oz / 1.75L Salad Bowls


    Excl. tax £1.55

    ELITE 5" Plastic Prep Bowls
    ELITE 5" Plastic Prep Bowls


    Excl. tax £2.00

    ELITE 4" Plastic Prep Bowls
    ELITE 4" Plastic Prep Bowls


    Excl. tax £0.79

    ELITE 3" Plastic Prep Bowls
    ELITE 3" Plastic Prep Bowls


    Excl. tax £1.00

    ELITE 2.5" Plastic Prep Bowls
    ELITE 2.5" Plastic Prep Bowls


    Excl. tax £2.05