Reusable Bar Supplies

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    Reusable Plastic Barware and Polycarbonate Glasses

    We stock a wide range of reusable glasses and tableware – ideally suited to commercial use in Bars, Pubs and other venues. Reusable products are made from either Polystyrene or Polycarbonate, the intended use will dictate which type is most applicable.

    For light or occasional use the Polystyrene (ECON) range is normally preferable due to the lower cost per unit. These items are not as strong the Polycarbonate glasses, but are ideally suited to parties, functions, weddings or other special occasions.

    Polycarbonate items are recommended for heavier or continual use, or for use in Pubs and Bars. These glasses are much stronger, indeed they prove to be near indestructible under normal use. They last (on average) 5 times longer than ECON (polystyrene) products, coupled with the obvious safety benefits of an unbreakable glass these are an obvious choice for commercial and licensed premises.

    3 products
    ELITE Krystal 12oz Rocks Glasses


    Excl. tax £4.50

    Elite Krystal 20oz Gin Goblet


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    ELITE 3 Part Cocktail Shaker


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