Video tutorials: 5 napkin folding ideas to impress any guest

How To Make Paper Rose Napkin

The art of napkin folding might appear complicated at first glance. But in fact, it’s an easy way to transform your table when you’re hosting a party or event, and sure to entertain guests.

Folded napkins add a special touch to any table and can be used for casual dining and fine dining restaurants.

With these five clever ideas and helpful video tutorials, you'll be folding perfect napkins for your table in no time.

For the best results, we recommend using 40cm and airlaid napkins which provide a thicker luxury feel. The thickness of the napkin (referred to as a ply) will also affect the durability of your design.

We found that 3-ply napkins and airlaid napkins work the best.


Using the art of origami, you can create a realistic rose to entertain your guests or simply decorate the table. We found this rose design to be the most realistic online.

Approximate time to make: 4 minutes.

Lotus flower

This lotus flower is great for beginners since it is simple and straightforward to make.

Approximate time to make: 4 minutes.


This tutorial will give you step-by-step instructions to make a swan from a napkin. Swan napkins can be found in fine dining restaurants and hotels.

Approximate time to make: 3 minutes.

Crown / Bishops Hat

A popular design, the crown or bishops’ hat is also suitable for beginners. Crown napkins can be found in restaurants.

Approximate time to make: 3 minutes.


We found that this butterfly design tutorial to be easy to make and realistic.

Approximate time to make: 3 minutes.

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