Differences between 1, 2 and 3-ply napkins

Paper Napkins

The thickness of a paper napkin is referred to as a ply.

Inn Supplies offers napkins in three levels of thickness, and you can be sure to decide on the perfect napkin using this simple guide.

Differences between 1 ply 2 ply and 3 ply napkinsClick here to view (PDF)

1-ply napkins

1-ply (or single ply) napkins are made of a single sheet of tissue commonly used in outdoor catering, takeaways, and fast-food businesses.

These napkins have a low cost per unit, which makes them well suited to large scale use.

Available in: 30cm

Recommended for: Light use, cafes and coffee ships, takeaways, outdoor events such as festivals.

2-ply napkins

2-ply napkins offer a thicker feel, designed to be used at the dinner table on side plates, or with takeaway foods. An extra layer of tissue helps absorb spills with ease.

Available in: 33cm

Recommended for: Parties, dinners, and events where a thicker quality napkin is required.

We find that 2-ply napkins are the most popular type of napkin because they provide good value for money and suit a wide variety of settings.

3-ply napkins

3-ply napkins are full dinner plate sized napkins, larger than 2-ply napkins.

Offering a soft linen-like texture and a more premium feel, 3-ply napkins have the best ability to soak up spills.

These napkins are often used for front-of-house usage. They are also seen in high-end eateries and restaurants where a thicker more luxurious napkin is required.

Available in: 40cm

Recommended for: High-end restaurants, weddings, and celebrations.