New Premium Polycarbonate Plastic Goblets

157-1CL NS We’ve just launched a new line of polycarbonate plastic goblets, designed to be similar to the Birra Moretti pint glasses and the traditional Stella Artois Chalice. In addition to the usual 20oz / 568ml reusable pint glasses we’re also stocking a 10oz (half pint) and 15oz version in the same style.

These are made from virtually unbreakable Polycarbonate plastic, great for outdoor or after hours use at pubs / bars. The glasses cannot be broken and used to cause harm making them much safer than glassware. Polycarbonate is especially durable so can be reused continually; these are tested to 500 cycles in the glass washer without degradation. We also stock a rinse aid and polycarbonate-specific detergent to further prolong the life of these and keep them looking great for front of house use.

You can find our range of Polycarbonate Tumblers at:


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