15 reasons custom packaging is important for your brand

Custom Printed Pizza Boxes


Custom print packaging (or branded packaging) is packaging tailored to your personal or business needs.

The custom packaging process can include modifying a package’s shape, size, style, colours, material, and other specifications. Products often used for custom packaging include single coffee paper cups, food boxes, paper carrier bags, and more.

Custom packaging often costs more than plain packaging, and this is due to the printing process and additional work involved. But businesses who choose to use custom packaging can reap from the many benefits it has to offer.

Here are 15 reasons custom print packaging is important for your brand.

  1. A first impression

First impressions count. Packaging, among many other factors such as quality and service, can help you leave a positive impression amongst visitors and customers alike.

  1. Advertise your business

Custom packaging is a marketing tool for your brand. It can reach a vast amount of people and in a short space of time. With the popularity of social media, the limits are endless.

  1. Customers advertise your business

Envision a paper bag featuring your logo being taken away by a customer outside your premises. The customer will be advertising your brand and potentially attract new customers.

  1. Increase brand value

Custom packaging can add value to your brand. This is because customers are likely to take your product or service more seriously if they can differentiate your product from other products.

  1. Offer an experience

Offering a memorable experience is important in any business. Apart from the packaging design which can help boost the customer experience, additional extras such as ribbons and thank you cards included inside/alongside the packaging can set you apart from your competitors.

Custom Printed Paper Coffee Cups

  1. Boost customer engagement

An unboxing experience can be made into a memorable interaction. Customers can also share your product and services on social media platforms. This will help advertise your brand, especially if you ask them to use hashtags and tag your accounts.

  1. Stand out from competition

Your packaging design, unique to you and branded to your requirements, can help you stand out from your competition. A customer would be likely to remember you, compared to another business using plain packaging.

  1. Give your social media a boost

Social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok are highly dependent on visual content. Professional photos featuring your logo on your packaging can prove highly beneficial when advertising your products or services. You can also get the competitive edge by using influencers to promote your brands to their followers.

  1. Ensures a perfect fit for your product

Food, and products that need to be secure whilst being handled, often require custom packaging tailored to specifications, such as size and material.

  1. Better protection for your product

Protecting your product from rough handling and poor weather conditions will help prevent customer complaints and continue to provide a positive experience. Be sure to choose the right material for your packaging.

  1. Useful for subscription services

Loyalty should be rewarded. Going the extra mile by sending products in custom printed packaging will make any delivery more special and create a memorable customer experience. If the packaging is great, then people are also more likely to share pictures.

Custom Printed Packaging

  1. Can be updated along with themes

Packaging designs can be updated around themes and holidays such as Christmas, Valentines, and Halloween. With some planning, you can stock on the packaging you need and order more with some new designs when the time is right.

  1. Choice of custom finishes

Custom packaging provides a great deal of design flexibility. As well as design, you can often choose between a wide range of finishes such as gloss, matt, UV gloss, foil, embossing, and much more.

  1. Raise awareness of brand values

Packaging represents your business, so it is crucial to send the right messages. For example, if being conscious of the environment is core to your brand, then eco-friendly biodegradable packaging will help show this.

  1. Save costs

Although custom packaging can cost more, buying in bulk can reduce costs significantly. If you have storage capacity, you could look to buying a large volume of cases and avoid wasting time and money in the future for repeat orders. Many packaging suppliers also offer free delivery on pallet orders.

Tips to consider when choosing your designs

  • Colours – What colours will you choose? Will they stand-out? Will you look different to your competitors?
  • Logos – What logo will you include? Will you need to have a contrasting colour logo against the background so it can be identified easily?
  • Material – If you’re conscious of the environment, will you look at environmentally-friendly packaging? Will your packaging need to be more durable for the contents?
  • Sizes – Do you need a custom size to fit your product?