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Katerglass Plastic Tumblers

Katerglass Plastic Tumblers


20oz Katerglass filled with BeerKaterglass Government Stamped (CE marked) plastic glasses are the only injection moulded polypropylene tumblers on the market, as such the brand is well known for its unparalleled strength and rigidity. Katerglass is the obvious choice for customers requiring a disposable tumbler that will not be prone to spillages and flexing when full of liquids as with traditional “flexible” disposable tumblers.

All disposable glasses intended to be used with the sale of alcohol are required to carry the CE mark, this mean that the tumbler has been approved by Weights and Measures in the UK – you can confirm this with the presence of the “CE” stamp and code 0846 on the base.

Injection moulding means that the tumbler will have uniform strength throughout the entire surface area, unlike cheaper vacuum formed tumblers. We believe that this process, along with the fully rolled rim and crack-resistant sidewall makes this the highest quality disposable tumbler available on the UK market.

8, 10, 12, 20 and 22oz Katerglass sizes.Sizes available are:

  • 8oz – For juice and other soft drinks.
  • 10oz – A brimful half-pint glass for Beer, Cider etc.
  • 12oz – An oversize half-pint capacity of 12oz, lined at 10oz (half-pint).
  • 20oz – A Brimful pint glasses for Beer, Cider etc.
  • 22oz – An oversize pint glass lined at the pint mark.
  • 40oz – Our huge “queue-buster” two pint glass.

As with all our disposable glasses, these are 100% recyclable – simply dispose of the used items with your regular plastic waste.