Paper Coffee Cups

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    Disposable coffee cups

    Discover paper cups at Inn Supplies, one of the leading paper cup suppliers in the UK, and find the ideal disposable coffee cups for serving hot drinks. Take your pick from a range of sizes and styles. Whether you’re serving espressos in small paper cups or large coffees, our paper coffee cup sizes include:

      • 4oz: espresso (used as a small paper cup)
      • 6oz: flat white
      • 8oz: small takeaway
      • 10oz: regular (standard size for coffee machines)
      • 12oz: regular coffee
      • 16oz: large coffee-to-go
      • 20oz: oversize / extra-large coffee

    Selected paper disposable cups offer heat protection with single-wall and fully insulated ripple-and triple-walls, which will keep your customers drinks hotter for longer. With our range of cup accessories such as stirrers, cup carriers, and sleeves, we can help you serve up the perfect brew time and time again.

    Biodegradable coffee cups

    Biodegradable paper cups are eco-friendlier cups that degrade faster and can decay on their own in a non-harmful way. Made with a single PLA coating, our selection of cups are biodegradable and compostable. Choose small espresso 4oz sizes to 16oz large cups. Click here to find more information on how to recycle biodegradable cups.

    79 products
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