The difference between ECON and ELITE glassware

The Difference Between ECON And ELITE

Here at Inn Supplies, we offer two ranges of reusable glassware.

These two ranges, ECON and ELITE, are both high in quality and made of strong shatterproof plastic. These plastic glasses look like glass. Although not significantly different, the most suitable choice is completely dependent on the intended usage.

ECON range

Made from virgin food-grade crystal polystyrene, glasses in the ECON range are cost-effective “light use” products. These glasses are fully reusable and ideal for general purpose or outdoor use. They are also lightweight.

Popular products in this range include champagne flutes, wine glasses, hiball glasses and shot glasses.

ELITE range

Made from shatterproof polycarbonate plastic, ELITE glasses offer a heavier feel and have been tested in excess of 500 glass washer cycles.

These glasses are commonly the best go-to choice for commercial environments such as pubs, bars, and venues.

Popular products in this range include remedy glasses, reusable coffee mugs, plastic bowls and plastic jugs.

Is there are a difference in appearance?

No. For all intents and purposes, both ECON and ELITE ranges look very similar; the polycarbonate glasses in the ELITE range are thicker and heavier however.

Both ranges equally give the appearance of glass.

Are they suitable for commercial use?

CE Marked Glasses

Be confident to know our reusable glasses are CE Marked and approved for commercial use. Please check the product descriptions for the relevant information.