Reusing and recycling packaging at Inn Supplies

Reusing Packing Boxes

To protect the sustainability of the planet, we understand the importance of reusing as much of our waste as possible.

Diverting used boxes from recycling to reuse is a suitable solution.

What do our parcels contain?

Cases contain products with one VAT invoice attached to a consignment.

Packs and sleeves of products are packed to make one box with one VAT invoice inside.

We do not use bubble wrap or plastic bags inside boxes. If padding is required for the protection of goods inside, recyclable paper will be used.

Reusing boxes for packaging

As some may have noticed, some boxes can arrive in a box different to the product. Although this can cause some confusion, packers reuse boxes to pack goods whenever possible.

The benefits of reusing boxes

  • Reusing boxes reduces waste
  • Reusing boxes helps the environment
  • Reusing boxes reduces cost on business

It is also possible for customers to reuse boxes for their own deliveries. If you do so, please remove the delivery labels from the boxes to avoid confusion with the courier.

A paper-free workplace

At Inn Supplies, we do our best to implement a paper-free working environment.

It makes sense as an online retailer, that we also store information electronically as part of our daily processes. This prevents unnecessary waste and provides less clutter in the workplace.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of food and drink packaging, we urge others to play their part in protecting the environment.