Explained: ‘Plastic In Product’ logo on single use products

Plastic In Product SUPD Logo

From July 2021, the European Commission’s Single Use Plastic Directive (SUPD) has ruled that all disposable products sold and used in the EU must display a ‘Plastic in product’ logo.

This logo also applies to products which contain no oil-based plastics.

The UK is not required to bring the SUPD into UK law and is not currently planning to implement it.

The government has however implemented policies to reduce single use plastics. This includes regulation to limit the use of plastic straws and stirrers.

Which products are affected by the SUPD?

  • Cotton bud sticks
  • Cutlery, plates, straws, and stirrers
  • Balloons and sticks for balloons
  • Food containers
  • Paper cups
  • Plastic bags
  • Packets and wrappers
  • Wet wipes and sanitary items

Plastic In Product Logo

Biodegradable and compostable products

The SUPD does not differentiate between products containing petroleum plastics or plant-based plastics, meaning that even a product which is certified as compostable will still need to display the logo.

This applies to biodegradable paper cups and biodegradable soup cups for example.

Unfortunately, this may present conflicting messages on the product. But the SUPD requires such products to display a logo, even though they contain no oil-based plastics.

For information about the logo and product which may be affected, please contact us.