Can you put plastic containers in the microwave?

Can You Microwave Plastic Containers

Have you ever wondered if your plastic container can go in a microwave?

The answer all depends on the plastic used in the container.

Containers made from polypropylene (commonly abbreviated to PP) can be used in the microwave without safety risks associated with standard plastic. These types of containers, such as Dispolite plastic containers (not be confused with the PLA versions), are often cloudy in appearance.

Remember to microwave the container only once and dispose of it correctly.

The same principles apply when putting plastic takeaway containers in the oven or similar appliance.

Unsafe plastics

Plastic containers which are not marked as safe, commonly made of PET plastic and polycarbonate, have low melting points, and therefore carry a risk of melting. This can also cause unpleasant smells, damage to appliances, and dangerous fires.

Non-metal containers, such as paper food boxes, are safer and economical alternatives to plastic. You may also use microwave-safe dishes to warm your food in and paper towels or plastic wrap to cover food when it’s in the microwave.

How can I check the container is microwave-safe?

Here are some steps you can use to maximise safety.

1. Check the container for a symbol or text displaying it is microwave safe.

Microwave Symbols For Food Packaging2. Ask the food business supplying you with the container if you are unsure.

3. Read your microwave’s user manual to see if it has any additional tips or warnings.

4. For business buyers of containers, seek advice from the supplier or manufacturer.

Related questions

Can you put foil takeaway containers in the microwave?

Aluminium takeaway containers are microwave safe. However, as with many takeaway containers available, we do not recommend heating such containers for long periods of time.

The same principles apply when putting foil takeaway containers in the oven or similar appliance.

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