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Cup Design / Style Guidelines

Templates for the sizes and type of paper cup can be found on each product page or our Templates page. Artwork should be placed directly into the template files taking note of the instructions detailed within regarding where artwork should be placed.

Using the Illustrator layers window you can see the various layers which can be selected and then hidden from view; here we have hidden from view the design instructions, Green arrows and grid. The Grid is used for helping make sure text and images run parallel to the base, top and sides of the cup.

Using the grid in view we can alter a line of text using the Arc tool (Effect\Warp\Arc) so the text runs parallel to the base of the cup. In this case our text is a caution message ‘Caution Hot Beverage’

Next is to draw or place other Vector artwork to make up your design.

If you are unsure how to create Vector artwork, but wish to attempt a design yourself you will find usable images to purchase at reasonable cost from places such as or

For making your shop sign or company logo from Jpeg to Vector we suggest using

Here, we will use THIS example to create our own paper cup. Once downloaded you will see the image is broken up into layers which can be manipulated for use in your design. Here, we isolate the base of the image and use the Warp\Arc tool again to make the design run parallel with the base of the paper cup

The colour of the vector you are manipulating can be changed by simply selecting the Colour window in Illustrator and either entering specific CMYK, RGB, Pantone reference or judging by eye.

 Once we have changed the colour (in this instance just a little darker) and the layout to mirror the base of the cup we can paste into the design the other parts of the Vector.

These can be arranged in any way you see fit, and the colour of each item made to match the colour of the base, again using the Colour window.

Finally the text created, (our Caution Message) can be selected and brought to the front of the layers (Right click\arrange\bring to front) and the colour changed to White to keep our design all in one colour.

Once completed, save your design and send to us. We will prepare a further proof for sign off and begin making your paper cup.

If you would like us to design your paper cup, simply select this from the drop down menu on your product and we will take it from there.