Red American-Style Party Cups

Red American Party CupsBrand new to our 2014 catalogue are the 16oz Plastic Red Party Cups, these are a common sight on American films, Television and US media in general – an instantly recognisable design classic.  

This product is intended as a true ‘one size fits all’ cup, you can serve soft drinks, bottled beers or any other beverage at parties or special occasions. The strong double-skinned construction makes them durable enough to prevent spillages, whilst the Red outer skin makes for an eye-catching and attractive drinking vessel.

In addition to the obvious uses, there are many drinking games that centre about these products. An example of which would be “Beer Pong” (read more about this here: This team drinking game involves tossing a ping pong ball across a table, if a ball lands in the opposing team’s cup then they have to consume this beverage, the process continues until a side has no cups remaining. See the images below for an example of this game.

We supply these cups as either a single pack (50) or a full case of 1,000 where larger quantities are required – all available from stock with immediate effect. You can purchase our Red American Party Cups by visiting the following page:

Beer Pong 2Beer PongBeer Pong 3