New item – Thick 3ply 40cm Bordeaux / Burgundy Paper Napkins

40cm-bordeaux-paper-serviettes3 ply napkins are the thickest of the standard napkin paper we stock, aside from the airlaid variety. They’re especially popular with premium eateries and restaurants where a thicker more luxurious napkin is required. We’ve previously stocked White, Black and Ivory colours; however we’re now adding a deep Burgundy / Bordeaux due to several customer requests. These are available to order from stock straight away.

40cm napkins are a full dinner plate size, rather than the smaller 33cm side plate napkins; great from commercial front of house usage.

The colour is a deep and rich colour, unlike other cheaper brands which may be more pastoral.

As with all our paper napkins these are 100% recyclable / biodegradable and also made from recycled paper themselves so have excellent environmental credentials. This makes them an excellent alternative to laundering linen napkins.

You can find these napkins at:

New: Unbleached / Recycled 33cm Paper Napkins

40cm-3ply-unbleached-paper-napkinsWe’ve just launched an 8-fold variety of our popular unbleached / recycled 33cm paper napkins, designed for use in bars and restaurants on side plates.

Our unbleached range of napkins contains no dyes, inks or contaminants – just pure natural coloured paper without any unnatural processed. These are especially popular with eco-themed café’s looking to offer coordinated tableware.

This new napkin is made from thick and soft 2-ply 100% biodegradable tissue paper, just like the rest of our disposable napkin range. These are available straight away from stock: