Black Plastic Glasses for Halloween

Planning a Halloween party? We’ve got a great range of black coloured plastic glasses for you.

We’ve got both disposable and reusable plastic glasses, all with a high gloss black finish. These will fit in with the theme of your party and also provide an attractive alternative to the usual clear plastic glassware.

We’ve got everything from Shot Glasses, to Wineglasses, Champagne Flutes and Tumblers.

To make everything easy to find we’ve grouped all our black plastic glasses together in the following category:

122-1BL NS Remedy 12oz Black 090-1BL-NS-Remedy-9oz-Black-web 143-1 BL 11oz Wine Black champagneblack 1294  BBP Plastics 182748 25mlblackshot 10162 10159 10156


Solid Black Plastic Glasses

Black Plastic Champagne FlutesBlack coloured plastic glasses are becoming increasingly popular for both our disposable and reusable products; as such we’ve expanded our range and put together a selection of products available in an optional Black colour.

The main use of this style of product is either in the home, or small parties / functions. They differ from their translucent counterparts in that it’s not possible to include any capacity indicators, or lines to denote an approved fill level. For any sort of commercial use you’d require a capacity line (125/175/250ml), for this sort of use a clear glass would be a better choice, however the Black plastic glasses make a great and stylish alternative for home or non-commercial use.

Currently we supply Black plastic glasses in the following styles:

  • Plastic tumblers
  • Cocktail glasses
  • Champagne flutes
  • Wine glasses
  • Soft drink glasses

You can find our full selection of disposable and reusable on our Black Plastic Glasses themed page.

10156 10159 101621294  BBP Plastics 182748champagneblack143-1 BL 11oz Wine Black090-1BL-NS-Remedy-9oz-Black-web122-1BL NS Remedy 12oz Black