Lockdown deliveries: 5 catering supplies to get you through

With more people stuck at home due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there has been a surge in demand for food delivery services.

And since social-distancing measures forced restaurants and bars to close earlier this year, business-owners have switched to delivery to stay afloat during the pandemic.

Here at Inn Supplies, we’ve seen an increase in demand for disposable catering supplies. And for that reason, we have grown to become a key supplier for thousands of businesses across the UK during these times.

Here are five catering supplies to help you get through lockdown.

1. Food/noodle boxes

Food/noodle boxes

Our food boxes are ideal for takeaway and food-to-go businesses. They are suitable for a wide range of food, most commonly used with noodles, Indian takeaways, and salad portions.

All boxes are made from thick virgin-grade raw materials, approved for use in microwaves and leak-proof.

Great for: Takeaway food, hot food such as noodles and cold food such as salads.

2. Deli soup cups

Deli soup cups

Suitable for storing soups, pasta and ice cream, our paper soup cups are both microwave and freezer-safe.

All soup cups offer matching lids to keep food from spilling. Heavy duty cups offer a thicker material to store hotter foods and protect fingers from heat.

Great for: Hot and cold soups, snacks, pasta and dessert portions.

3. Insulated cups

Insulated ripple cups

Coffee shops and drinks caterers make great use of our ripple insulated cups.

The unique ribs form a barrier of protection between the heat and hands, and even help keep drinks hotter for longer. Choose from black, brown and white colours with sip-thru lids to fit.

Great for: Coffee, tea, hot cocoa and other hot beverages.

4. Takeout pint cups

Takeaway pints

Our plastic pint cups have been popular with pubs, bars and hospitality venues who have chosen to offer a takeout option during lockdown*.

We have also added lids to fit certain sizes of cups. This helps keeps drinks within the cup and prevents spillages. It also makes for a great takeaway drink for customers.

Great for: Takeaway pints.

* Please refer to the current lockdown rules in your area.

5. Wooden cutlery

Wooden cutlery

An alternative to plastic cutlery, wooden cutlery has become an increasingly popular option for takeaways.

Ethically-sourced from well-managed forests, each piece is made from virgin grade birch wood. Cutlery packs are also available, making it easier to store cutlery and avoid unnecessary contact.

Great for: All takeaway food.

Christmas napkins on sale

With a Christmas paper napkin, any spills from wine glasses or gravy boats can be cleaned.

Our range of Christmas napkins come in a variety of styles and colours so you can be sure to find a set to complement the design of your Christmas crackers and table setting.

Christmas napkins
Snowman and Merry Christmas print
Christmas napkins
Red bauble with gold print
Christmas napkins
Happy New Year print
Christmas napkins
Holly berry print

Sizes and specifications

  • Range of designs and colours
  • 33cm and 40cm sizes
  • 2 ply thickness