Compostable Paper Vending Cups

paper vending cups groupWe’ve stocked a popular range of paper vending cups for quite some time now; these are available in 4 main sizes from 7 – 12oz to suit most customers. With the recent trend of moving to biodegradable paper cups, we’ve launched a biodegradable version of the prism design paper vending cups in the 2 most popular sizes.

Our compostable paper vending cups feature the increasingly common PLA alternative lining rather than the traditional PE lining. PLA is made from corn starch rather than being oil-based, this means I can break down naturally and be composted.

You can the 7oz tall and 9oz versions of our new compostable paper vending cups at the following location:

92mm Flat Sealed Smoothie Lids – Limited Stock

Flat-Lid resampledWe’ve got a limited quantity of flat smoothie lids without a hole available in the 92mm size, designed to fit 15 or 16oz smoothie cups. As the name suggests, these don’t feature a perforation for the straw – they’re a tight sealing lid that won’t leak. This is great for travel use or for customers that intend to store drinks instead of using the cups for immediate consumption.

These are made from the same PET plastic as the rest of our standard smoothie cups range, completely clear and high gloss. They’re also made from 100% recyclable plastic and can be recycled with your regular plastic waste.

See our range of plastic smoothie cups for more information at: