New Sugarcane Biodegradable Bistro Plates

bistro-plate for web1We’ve just expanded our range of biodegradable sugarcane tableware. There are several new lines planned, fresh in today are the new square bistro plates. These are made from the same high quality sugarcane pump as the rest of the range – this makes them superbly durable and great for hot or oily foods.

Normal paper plates tend to be made from virgin grade paperboard; this has a few main drawbacks. The most obvious being that they’re quite flimsy and not great for serving heavier foods, they also tend to be porous so will absorb moisture or oil from hot foods.  Paperboard plates also have a direct effect on deforestation, whereas sugarcane / bagasse plates are made from what is essentially a waste product. This results in the entire range having a far greater footprint than a traditional paperboard plate.

These are available directly from stock with immediate effect. Take a look at our range of square biodegradable plates for more information:


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