New Range: cPLA Biodegradable Plastic Smoothie Cups

PLA SMOOTHIE GROUPOur ever-expanding range of biodegradable disposables now includes an option for biodegradable smoothie cups. These are made from a cornstarch based material and comply with all relevant standards for biodegradability.

The products themselves all have the same rim diameter, meaning that one lid size fits all. It’s important to note that this is a different lid size to our existing disposable (PET) smoothie cups. The new cups take a new 96mm, which we supply as either a flat or a domed style. This can be beneficial to customers using multiple sizes as they only need to stock a single lid size.

In terms of strength the new biodegradable smoothie cups are very similar to our existing range, they’re resistant to cracking and have a smooth glossy finish.

Sizes available include 9oz, 12oz, 16oz and 20oz to suit most requirements. As usual these are available in small packs of 50 or full boxes of 1,000.

You can find these biodegradable plastic cups on our site at:


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