Disposable Paper Bowls Range

disposable paper bowlsNew to our range of disposable plates are our 2 paper bowls, these are designed to complement our existing plate sizes for high volume catering or economy usage. We now stock a small (16cm / 6”) and large (19cm / 7.5”) sized bowl, suitable for liquids, soup, sauces or oily foods. These are made from virgin grade paperboard with a PE (polyethylene) coating.

These are a great alternative to our existing range of high quality sugarcane bowls (found at https://innsupplies.com/biodegradable/biodegradable-food-bowls), perfect for where a lower cost per unit is desirable or where large quantities are required. You’ll frequently see this type of bowl used for outdoor catering or for product sampling purposes / product trials. They’re also popular with parties and private events.

Which bowl is most suitable? This basically boils down to the intended usage. The biodegradable sugarcane bowls are physically more rigid and quite a bit stronger as a result. They’re the best choice when serving a main meal rather than light use as a side plate for snacks etc. They are however significantly more expensive as a result, which is where you might want to consider the economy disposable paper bowls. The economy item is much cheaper per unit and perfect for lighter use, often a heavyweight item is simply not required. If the product is simply going to see lighter use at parties or private events the economy bowls may well be the better choice. They’re also more compact due to the lighter grade of material used.

You can find our range of paper food bowls at: https://innsupplies.com/disposable/paper-plates, available as either small packs of 50 or a full case (250 or 600 for the small and large sizes respectively). Samples are available on request; please get in touch with our friendly sales team for more information.


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