Disposable Paper Bowls Range

disposable paper bowlsNew to our range of disposable plates are our 2 paper bowls, these are designed to complement our existing plate sizes for high volume catering or economy usage. We now stock a small (16cm / 6”) and large (19cm / 7.5”) sized bowl, suitable for liquids, soup, sauces or oily foods. These are made from virgin grade paperboard with a PE (polyethylene) coating.

These are a great alternative to our existing range of high quality sugarcane bowls (found at https://innsupplies.com/biodegradable/biodegradable-food-bowls), perfect for where a lower cost per unit is desirable or where large quantities are required. You’ll frequently see this type of bowl used for outdoor catering or for product sampling purposes / product trials. They’re also popular with parties and private events.

Which bowl is most suitable? This basically boils down to the intended usage. The biodegradable sugarcane bowls are physically more rigid and quite a bit stronger as a result. They’re the best choice when serving a main meal rather than light use as a side plate for snacks etc. They are however significantly more expensive as a result, which is where you might want to consider the economy disposable paper bowls. The economy item is much cheaper per unit and perfect for lighter use, often a heavyweight item is simply not required. If the product is simply going to see lighter use at parties or private events the economy bowls may well be the better choice. They’re also more compact due to the lighter grade of material used.

You can find our range of paper food bowls at: https://innsupplies.com/disposable/paper-plates, available as either small packs of 50 or a full case (250 or 600 for the small and large sizes respectively). Samples are available on request; please get in touch with our friendly sales team for more information.


More about Double Wall Paper Cups

Double Wall Paper CupsWhich cups should I order?
This choice basically comes down to the intended use of the item and partially personal preference. An insulated cup is preferable where you might plan on serving Black Tea / Coffee, or other hot beverages without Milk. These tend to be much hotter and therefore benefit from the extra insulation, a double wall cup won’t feel as hot to touch as a single wall cup. Some customers also simply prefer a more substantial cup; if they’re serving a more premium beverage for example.

How do these cups provide extra insulation?
There is an extra layer that forms a barrier on the outer of the cup, this traps air between the cup itself and the layer which the customer holds. The extra barrier provides extra insulation from the heat source, keeping the warmth in and the cup a sensible temperature to hold.

Which cups provide the best insulation?
In descending order, our ranges of cups would be ranked as follows:-

  • Single wall with additional sleeve
  • Ripple cups
  • Ultimate / triple layer cups
  • Double Wall cups
  • Single wall cups

Can I have these cups customised? Yes, we provide printing services on our full range of paper cups for quantities of 10,000 units and above. You can find more information on the custom printed section of our website at: https://innsupplies.com/printed

You can find our full range of Double Wall Paper Cups at: https://innsupplies.com/disposable/paper-cups/double-wall-paper-cups

10oz Discount on New Black Double Wall Paper Cups

Black Double Wall Paper CupsWe’ve just added plain Black to our range of double wall paper cups, in addition to the existing plain White and Barista mixed design cups already available in this category. Double wall cups provide an extra layer of insulation over the standard single-wall cups, the additional outer layer keeps the drink warmer for longer and makes the cup more comfortable to hold.

We’re offering these in the usual range of sizes; 8oz (small), 12oz (regular) and 16oz (large) – they accept the same sip-through lids as the rest of our disposable paper cups (excluding ultimate).

As this is a new range, the Black double wall cups are discounted by 10% when you order 2+ cases, no need for any discount codes – this will be automatically applied to your order when you order a quantity of 2 or above. This offer is available until the end of January.

You can find Double Wall Paper Cups on our site at: https://innsupplies.com/disposable/paper-cups/double-wall-paper-cups

Should we ban the plastic straw?

Straws group resampledThere is a lot of media attention regarding the humble plastic straw, namely pertaining to either reducing our usage or replacing them with a biodegradable alternative instead.

Two specific issues raised by campaigners are the amount of straws ending up in landfill and waste which finds its way into the sea, thereby polluting our oceans.  Plastic straws are commonly made from polypropylene, if disposed of with regular waste this can take a significant amount of time to naturally break down. Figures vary depending on the source, but most agree it’s in the region of 450 years.

The group “Final Straw Cornwall” (http://finalstrawcornwall.co.uk/) is part of the movement that aims to remove plastic straws from bars to reduce the amount of litter on the coastline. This is obviously a worthwhile goal and one that does highlight a valid concern, straws are being disposed of incorrectly and ending up in unsorted waste.

So what do we do? There is the question of what to replace the plastic straw with, if they are indeed to be driven out of pubs / bars / clubs.  In the UK we use 8.5 billion straws every year. Campaigners have suggested that paper straws could be used instead, with an aim of being biodegradable. The issue with this however is that paper itself is an absorbent material in its standard form; it will absorb water and lose its structural integrity.  The combat this, manufacturers of paper straws use a plastic coating as a barrier; this can however render the item non-recyclable.

We’re always keen to promote the ethical and environmentally compliant use of disposable products wherever possible. An obvious option that seems to have been largely overlooked is promoting and enforcing the correct sortation and recycling of plastic straws. Polypropylene is easily and widely recycled along with regular plastic waste, it’s amongst the easier materials to process in fact (more information on plastic recycling: http://www.bpf.co.uk/sustainability/plastics_recycling.aspx).

Removing plastic straws from bars in their entirety would be a near impossible task; however changing practices in disposal would be the most efficient way of removing unwanted littering and reducing landfill usage.

It’s for this reason that we currently offer a range of recyclable plastic straws over a paper alternative, these can be found on our plastic straws page at: https://innsupplies.com/disposable/drinking-straws

If you’ve got any questions about this or any other sustainability issues, please feel free to get in touch at: https://innsupplies.com/contact-us