Celebrating 2015 in Style with Inn Supplies

As Wedding and Christening season approaches – here are some ideas and products we have here at Inn SPlastic-Champagne-100mlupplies that could be used for your celebrations in 2015!

Champagne towers are always an elegant eye catching statement piece at any posh function or party. They have made a huge comeback and are topping many 2015 hot trends lists, giving you an opportunity to serve your champagne in ultra-swanky fashion. Why not spruce your champagne up further by mixing in fruit purées creating a unique special cocktail – adding more of an exotic, cheerful element to the drink. Our Vintage Champagne Glasses would be perfect to build your champagne tower. These 150ml classy coupes are our most economical disposable champagne glasses yet! The removable base allows for cheaper delivery costs and the injection moulded Crystal Styrene is perfectly clear.

Another idea is to create tasting stations for your party guests and let them sample a range of different alcoholic drinks – whether its craft beer tasting, whisky tasting or sampling different types of wine. Offering different types of alcoholic drinks at a sampling station is a way of adding an individual touch and letting guests know your personal tastes, without your bar bill going through the roof. Check out our Sampling Cups for drink tasting with your guests. These 3oz serving cups are made from Polypropylene, fully recyclable and can easily be compressed for disposal.

To get your guests interacting with each other, there isn’t anything better than beautifully plated entrées and sides being shared out. You can show off your favourite cuisine by serving small sized portions – from dishes inspired by your favourite Michelin star restaurant to traditional home cooked favourites.

Street food has experienced an increased surge in popularity over the last few years in the UK following its huge success in other countries around the world. You might be used to seeing food trucks parked on the side of high streets, in festival fields and in farmers markets but they are slowly making their way into venue carparks for events such as wedding receptions.

Food vans add a cool and quirky element to your soiree offering tasty memorable food, which is budget-friendly. What could be more personal than serving food supplied from your favourite local food truck?

10 Reasons That Remind Us Why We Must Recycle

RECYCLED logoBefore we get started on why it is important to recycle, let us take a step back for a moment and consider (in layman’s terms) what recycling actually is. Recycling is simply the process of using old materials to make new similar materials. For instance, when you recycle paper, it is taken to a recycling plant where it is broken down and reused to make other paper products. This process is also applied to other recycled materials such as aluminium or plastic. Now, to get serious: why must we recycle


According to the law of the conservation of energy, energy is neither lost nor destroyed, but instead it changes form. Therefore, when we recycle we contribute to this amazing natural phenomenon. Recycling promotes the conservation of energy because it costs less energy to recycle old products than it does to create new products. So if a paper production plant uses recyclable paper, then it saves production costs, and energy consumption fees by opting out of producing new paper.


Earth has a finite amount of resources. Precious metals and fossil fuels that we are so dependent upon take a long amount of time to replenish (think hundreds of thousands of years). We continue to take from these resources faster than the rate at which they are able to replenish. In time, if we continue down the road of consumption—which we inevitably will—the resources we so depend on will continue to rise in scarcity. Recycling allows us to lessen the impact of drawing from our finite resources by giving us the ability to reuse materials and maintain the earth’s precious reserves.


Many of our resources are acquired from areas where there are dense vegetation and thriving ecosystems. In meeting our ever-increasing demand for materials, we reduce the destruction of wildlife and of very precious and necessary plant resources. One ton of recycled paper can save up to 12 trees, which in turn can save up to hundreds of species and wildlife that depend on said trees. Recycling helps animals to remain in their natural habitat and delays their extinction.


In our daily lives we own a plethora of items that, when disposed of incorrectly, do irreducible damage to our environment. By recycling our household waste, we significantly reduce our amount of C02 emissions per year, which greatly reduces our greenhouse gas emissions and the effects of global warming.


With a population of over 7 billion and counting, the earth is a crowded place. You have experienced this yourself if you’ve lived or have ever been to a major metropolitan city. Space is an ever-increasing issue. Landfills are places where massive amounts of waste are managed.  Recycling reduces the amount of waste that landfills have to destroy, which in turn reduces the overall burden, as well as our need for landfills.


Plastic is not degradable. So most plastic that is currently in landfills will remain there forever (in some form) leaking contaminants into the environment. We can help slow down this process by recycling our plastic.


Recycling is a multi-billion dollar per year industry. By far, the recycling industry employs more workers than does the landfill industry. The impact of recycling versus using landfills is also significantly more beneficial.


Some organizations offer money for your recyclables. Also, if you’re a gardener or plant-enthusiast, biodegradable waste such as fruit peels and eggshells can be used as plant fertilizer.


By recycling materials such as rubber, the materials can be used to build turf for school grounds and playing fields. When incorrectly disposed, rubber can release contaminants into the environment


For now, we only have one earth. And if we are to see that it preserves and maintains for generations to come, such that our offspring and future generations can have a fighting chance, we need to help them preserve what limited resources we have. We can do that by recycling.


Here at Innsupplies we offer a range of biodegradable cups where a different method of manufacturing has to be used.

A starch based compound called PolyLactic (PLA), made from corn and other starch rich plants is lined into the cups and used as a replacement for the polyethylene (PE) lining that standard cups use. PLA is considered renewable because it comes from a natural resource, therefore more can be produced.

We also stock a range of Sugarcane tableware, which don’t have as much of an environmental impact as conventional disposable paper products. They are also more resilient when heat is applied compared to paper products which makes them superior for hot oily foods.


There are many more reasons to recycle. Above are just 10 good reasons. For more information on how you can contribute, reach out to your local recycling agency, or feel free to contact us here at Innsupplies.