Jagerbomb Disposable Bomb Shots

Jagerbomb Shot Glasses at the BarBrand new in stock today are our disposable Jagerbomb / Bomb Shot glasses. This is a completely new line for Inn Supplies, sourced by popular demand!

The bomb shots are a small mixer glass featuring an integrated inner compartment for spirits and liqueurs. As the name suggests, these items are intended primarily for serving Jagerbombs however they can be used with a variety of other alcoholic mixers and spirits.

There are many benefits to using an all-in-one solution over a separate shot and mixer glass. Primarily you dispense with the loose shot glass inside the drink, this can easily fall our or wall unwanted mess when the customer nears the end of the beverage. It is also a cleaner and more efficient solution for use at the bar, only one glass means less wasted space behind the bar – this space can often be at a premium in busier venues.

Disposable Bomb ShotsOur Bomb Glasses are designed to stack neatly making them very efficient in terms of space.

Most other types of disposable Jagerbomb glasses are actually made made from Polystyrene, this is far more brittle and easily cracked. Our glasses are made from stronger and more resilient Polypropylene. Although strong, these will flex slightly rather than crack meaning they stay in one piece. This has obvious benefits when it comes to clean-up time at the bar.

Jagerbomb glasses can be found in the disposable plastic shot glasses section of our website, available to purchase as either a single sleeve (50 glasses) or a full case (1,000 glasses / 20 sleeves).

Samples are available on request, get touch with our friendly sales team on 0844 4995456 or by emailing sales@innsupplies.com

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