New Polycarbonate Plastic Whisky and Cocktail Glasses

As part of our expanding range of reusable bar products we’ve introduced a stylish new line of Black and White themed tumblers in the popular Remedy / Gibraltar design. These are primarily designed for private use in the home, at parties or at functions and events – as such these do not carry the CE government stamp found on commercial products. In addition the sidewall thickness is also increased over the regular clear glasses giving the products a substantial and high-quality appearance.

We stock this range in the following sizes / colours:

The 9oz glass is a short (squat) proportioned glass, ideal for spirits and normally used for serving whisky or shorts. Dimensions are 84mm top diameter, 57mm base diameter with an overall height of 90mm.

The 12oz cocktail glasses are primarily designed for serving tall cocktails; however the size is also perfect for bottled beers or soft drinks – a good choice of size where multipurpose glasses are required. Dimensions are; 79mm top diameter 51mm base diameter and 144mm overall height making this a tall and narrow proportioned glass.

All 4 of these tumblers are made from extra-strong Polycarbonate plastic, under normal use these can be re-used indefinitely and are near-indestructible. Compared to glassware equivalents you will find these tumblers have all the benefits of a substantial piece of glassware (weight and rigidity), but with the advantage of being many times stronger and longer lasting.

For more information, please see the plastic remedy glasses category on our website, or click one of the product names above to go directly to the product.

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