Reusing and recycling packaging at Inn Supplies

To protect the sustainability of the planet, we understand the importance of reusing as much of our waste as possible.

Diverting used boxes from recycling to reuse is a suitable solution.

Reusing Packing Boxes

What do our parcels contain?

Cases contain products with one VAT invoice attached to a consignment.

Packs and sleeves of products are packed to make one box with one VAT invoice inside.

We do not use bubble wrap or plastic bags inside boxes. If padding is required for the protection of goods inside, recyclable paper will be used.

Reusing boxes for packaging

As some may have noticed, some boxes can arrive in a box different to the product. Although this can cause some confusion, packers reuse boxes to pack goods whenever possible.

The benefits of reusing boxes

  • Reusing boxes reduces waste
  • Reusing boxes helps the environment
  • Reusing boxes reduces cost on business

It is also possible for customers to reuse boxes for their own deliveries. If you do so, please remove the delivery labels from the boxes to avoid confusion with the courier.

A paper-free workplace

At Inn Supplies, we do our best to implement a paper-free working environment.

It makes sense as an online retailer, that we also store information electronically as part of our daily processes. This prevents unnecessary waste and provides less clutter in the workplace.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of food and drink packaging, we urge others to play their part in protecting the environment.

Christmas / New Year delivery and opening times

Inn Supplies Christmas

Our offices will be closed this year between Christmas and New Year.

As we expect a busy period in the coming weeks, we urge you to place your order well ahead of time.

Christmas / New Year opening and closing times

We will dispatch the last orders on Wednesday 22 December 2021.

We will reopen on Tuesday 4 January 2022.

Ordering during the Christmas period

We will still take orders online over the closing period, but we will dispatch all orders when we reopen on Tuesday 4 January 2022.

Should you have any questions, please email us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Differences between 1, 2 and 3-ply napkins

Paper Napkins

The thickness of a paper napkin is referred to as a ply.

Inn Supplies offers napkins in three levels of thickness, and you can be sure to decide on the perfect napkin using this simple guide.

Differences between 1 ply 2 ply and 3 ply napkins

1-ply napkins

1-ply (or single ply) napkins are made of a single sheet of tissue commonly used in outdoor catering, takeaways, and fast-food businesses.

These napkins have a low cost per unit, which makes them well suited to large scale use.

Available in: 30cm

Recommended for: Light use, cafes and coffee ships, takeaways, outdoor events such as festivals.

2-ply napkins

2-ply napkins offer a thicker feel, designed to be used at the dinner table on side plates, or with takeaway foods. An extra layer of tissue helps absorb spills with ease.

Available in: 33cm
Recommended for: Parties, dinners, and events where a thicker quality napkin is required.

We find that 2-ply napkins are the most popular type of napkin because they provide good value for money and suit a wide variety of settings.

3-ply napkins

3-ply napkins are full dinner plate sized napkins, larger than 2-ply napkins.

Offering a soft linen-like texture and a more premium feel, 3-ply napkins have the best ability to soak up spills.

These napkins are often used for front-of-house usage. They are also seen in high-end eateries and restaurants where a thicker more luxurious napkin is required.

Available in: 40cm

Recommended for: High-end restaurants, weddings, and celebrations.

Explained: ‘Plastic In Product’ Logo On Single Use Products

From July 2021, the European Commission’s Single Use Plastic Directive (SUPD) has ruled that all disposable products sold and used in the EU must display a ‘Plastic in product’ logo.

Plastic In Product SUPD Logo

This logo also applies to products which contain no oil-based plastics.

The UK is not required to bring the SUPD into UK law and is not currently planning to implement it.

The government has however implemented policies to reduce single use plastics. This includes regulation to limit the use of plastic straws and stirrers.

Which products are affected by the SUPD?

  • Cotton bud sticks
  • Cutlery, plates, straws, and stirrers
  • Balloons and sticks for balloons
  • Food containers
  • Paper cups
  • Plastic bags
  • Packets and wrappers
  • Wet wipes and sanitary items
Plastic In Product SUPD Logo

Biodegradable and compostable products

The SUPD does not differentiate between products containing petroleum plastics or plant-based plastics, meaning that even a product which is certified as compostable will still need to display the logo.

This applies to biodegradable paper cups and biodegradable soup cups for example.

Unfortunately, this may present conflicting messages on the product. But the SUPD requires such products to display a logo, even though they contain no oil-based plastics.

For information about the logo and product which may be affected, please contact us.

In stock: Cardboard 2-cup and 4-cup carriers

2 cup and 4 cup carriers

Inn Supplies is pleased to announce the arrival of new cardboard 2-cup carriers and 4-cup carriers.

The new cup carriers are flat packed to save on storage space and designed to hold multiple cups. They are disposable, erectable, and recyclable with paper waste.

Prevent spillages by using the carriers to hold paper coffee cups, plastic smoothie cups, and even pint glasses.

2-cup carriers are cased in units of 600, while 4-cup carriers are cased in units of 400.

For special prices on bulk orders and pallet quantities, please contact us.

Guide: How to choose plastic pint glasses

With so many plastic pint glasses available to buy, which ones do you choose?

Every glass is different, so we’ve put together a guide to help you make the right choice when buying your glasses.

Quality is guaranteed with all the plastic glasses at Inn Supplies – no matter what the type is.

Low-cost glasses

Low cost pint glasses

For many, the price is the most important factor.

Flexi pint glasses provide value-for-money and feature a slightly opaque appearance.

Made from polypropylene, the plastic has a high degree of natural flexibility which makes it very resistant to cracking or other similar damage. When squashed, it leaves no small shards of plastic.

These types of glasses are used throughout Europe and deliver a consistent value, year-in-year-out. Glasses are CE Marked and suitable for commercial use.

Eco-friendlier glasses

Biodegradable pint glasses

PLA biodegradable pint glasses offer a great environmentally friendly alternative to traditional oil-based plastic glasses.  

Perfect for beer, cider, or any cold drinks, these glasses are made from PLA, a renewable material which will degrade in landfill. Glasses are CE Marked and suitable for commercial use.

Strong glasses

Strong pint glasses

Katerglass pint glasses are widely known as one of the strongest pint glasses available.

These glasses offer unparalleled strength because they are made from tough polypropylene plastic. Slightly flexible, glasses offer a premium feel.

Thick sidewalls guarantee durability and rolled rims remove sharp edges. Glasses are CE Marked and suitable for commercial use.

Unbreakable glasses

Reusable pint glasses

If your pint glass must be reusable and unbreakable, a crystal polystyrene or polycarbonate glass is the one to choose.

Reusable pint glasses come in two ranges.

Our ECON range includes cost-effective “light use” products, whilst the ELITE range offers a more premium and heavier feel. Glasses are CE Marked where stated and suitable for commercial use.

Find further information about the differences between ECON and ELITE here.

Sizes available

  • 8oz – Soft drinks
  • 10oz – Half pint to brim
  • 12oz – Half pint to line
  • 20oz – Pint to brim
  • 22oz – Pint to line
  • 40oz – Oversize 2 pint

Visit the website to find great prices on pint glasses and half pint glasses today.

For special prices with bulk orders and pallet quantities, please contact us.

Are cup carriers recyclable?

Cup carriers have become a must-have for coffee shops and fast-food businesses.

Carriers available on the market today are commonly made of pulp fibre, which is made by combining water and recycled paper. This also includes recycled newspapers and similar recycled materials.

Made from such sustainable material means that they are recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable.

The natural insulating properties of these carriers also makes them perfectly suited to hot drinks, tolerant up to 100°C.

An eco-friendlier solution to plastic

A cup carrier can hold similar qualities to plastic. But perhaps not as strong as a plastic carrier, it is still sturdy for all types of drinks and flexible by design.

4 cup carriers with cafe mocha and weave ripple cups
4 cup carriers alongside cafe mocha and weave ripple cups

It doesn’t contribute to landfill, leaving no unnecessary waste.

How to recycle cup carriers

Moulded pulp can be recycled using your local council recycling scheme or composted at home.

Even if it isn’t recycled, moulded pulp can biodegrade in as little as 6 months.

Our 2-cup carriers and 4-cup carriers are frequently bought with ripple cups for takeaway coffee, and wooden stirrers.

Product size guide: Biodegradable soup cups

Choose three sizes of biodegradable soup cups suitable for soups, pasta, snacks, and ice cream.

Full recyclable, these soup cups are environmentally-friendly alternatives to regular soup cups on the market. You can be confident to know these cups can compost and biodegrade naturally.

Product specifications

ProductCapacityBrim diameterHeightFits
8oz Small Biodegradable Soup Cups8oz/280ml90mm60mmSmall serving of soup, small-sized snacks, one scoop of ice cream
12oz Medium Biodegradable Soup Cups12oz/415ml115mm61mmRegular serving of soup, medium-sized snacks, scoops of ice cream
16oz Large Biodegradable Soup Cups16oz/550ml115mm77mmGenerous serving of soup, larger-sized snacks, scoops of ice cream
Biodegradable soup cups product sizes

Product size guide: Square noodle boxes

Popular with Indian and Chinese takeaway restaurants, our square noodle boxes come in three different sizes.

The shape and size of these boxes makes them easy to stack, and ideal for small and medium portion sizes including sweets and treats.

Product specifications

16oz Small Square Cardboard Food Boxes85mm90mm80mmSweets, snacks, small portion sizes
26oz Medium Square Cardboard Food Boxes90mm100mm105mmSmall and medium portion sizes
32oz Large Square Cardboard Food Boxes110mm115mm110mmMedium and larger portion sizes
Square noodle boxes sizes

Wooden cutlery packs now available in smaller volumes

We are pleased to offer wooden cutlery packs in packs of 25 and 50 for our customers.

Each pack contains a fork, knife, and spoon, all ethically sourced and made from virgin grade birch wood.

Wooden Cutlery Packs

Easy to store, wooden cutlery packs have helped prevent unnecessary contact during lockdown and have been popular for takeaways and delivery businesses.

Bulk cases of 500 packs are also available at a discounted price online.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy wooden cutlery?

If you are looking for wooden cutlery, then look no further than Inn Supplies.

We offer a vast range of recyclable cutlery at affordable prices. This includes all types of cutlery as well as bamboo skewers, chopsticks and toothpicks.

Can wooden cutlery be recycled?

Yes it can.

Is wooden cutlery biodegradable?

Our wooden cutlery pieces are made of virgin grade birch wood which means it can biodegrade within months of disposal.