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Biodegradable Tableware

Our range of Sugarcane (or "Bagasse") tableware is the environmentally friendly alternative to traditional disposable paper products; sourced with sustainability and reduced environmental impact in mind.

The main raw material of this range would normally be considered a waste product; as such the production of Bagasse products has no knock-on effects on farming or food production. Sugarcane products are far more rigid and resilient to heat than paper plates making them better suited to hot / oily foods


Our Paper cups, Soup Containers and lids are manufactured from plant based PLA or CPLA (Poly Lactic Acid) and meet composting standard EN13432.
Our Cutlery is made from PS with an additive which enables biodegradation and eventual full decomposition. This cutlery can also be recycled unlike plant based alternatives.


Of course our Banquet Rolls, Tablecovers, Doylies, Napkins, Wood Stirrers and Cup Carriers not listed here are all Biodegradable, the products listed in this category however have been specifically sourced to perform as well as their Oil based counterparts.